5-Lakes-Hike Pizol

11.4 km
4:30 h
553 Hm
911 Hm
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One of the most popular hikes in Switzerland. Five crystal-clear mountain lakes and views of the UNESCO World Heritage Sardona characterise this route.
Technik 3/6
Kondition 4/6
Höchster Punkt  2507 m
Tiefster Punkt  1856 m
Beste Jahreszeit
Wangs, mountain station Pizolhütte
Gaffia, Pizol
46.979366, 9.417034



Mountain walk with unequalled panoramas. High above the tree line, an extensive mountain path passes through an ever-changing alpine landscape. Main features are 5 crystal-clear mountain lakes and views over the UNESCO site of Sardona.

From Wangs, the Pizol railway travels, in three sections, to the Pizolhütte (2227m) on the Wangersee. During the climb that lasts roughly one hour, a broad view opens up over the East Swiss, Grison and Austrian Alps. From behind the Wildseelücke (2493m above sea level), the Wildsee appears. Enjoy encaptivating views of the Pizol glavier, with the 2844m high Pizol summit and the Graue Hörner.

This is followed by a brief descent to the deep-blue Schottensee. On the gentle rise over the Schwarzplangg, the view extends back over the Sardona heritage site, with the Pizol glacier, Ringelspitz, Piz Sardona and Glarus Alps. You now descend to the dark Scharzsee (2368m), where ibex, chamois and eagles can be seen.

Passing the legendary Steinmannlis, you reach the final descent over the east face of the Gamidaur, which leads to the fifth and final lake, the green Baschalvasee (2174m). Next is the descent to Station Gaffia; the mountain railway returns to Wangs in two sections from here

- Alpine tour: Snow possible up to early July, bring good mountain equipment.
- Round-trip ticket for the 5-lake walk available from Pizol railway.

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Book a picnic backpack with regional delicacies via the Pizolbahnen.


We strongly recommend that you start the hike by 11:00 a.m. at the latest. Please note that you have to be at the Gaffia chairlift at 4.30 p.m. or at the Pizolhütte at 4.00 p.m., otherwise you will miss the last descent. The last descent with the gondola lift from Furt is at 5.30 pm. Subsequently, transport by Pizolbahnen AG is no longer possible.

Herd protection dogs are expected to be in use on Alp Gaffara during the first two weeks of August. The dogs are kept on a leash in the morning and only let back to the sheep in the evening. Thus, there is no risk for hikers through the day. If someone stays near the alp early in the morning, late in the evening or at night, caution is advised (e.B. when bivouacing).


Daytime hiking backpack (approx. 20 litres) with rain cover, sturdy and comfortable footwear, weather-adapted and durable clothing in the multi-layer principle, if necessary telescopic poles, sun and rain protection, provisions and drinking water, first aid kit, pocket knife, mobile phone, possibly headlamp, map material


With gondola and chair lifts we reach the Pizolhütte. From there we start the hike towards Wangsersee, the first lake of the hike. We return along the same path, past the Pizolhütte and towards Wildseeluggen, where we arrive after an almost 1-hour zigzag ascent. We hike along the Wildsee and after a short descent reach the deep blue Schottensee. This is followed by a comfortably ascending passage over the Schwarzplangg. The descent continues down to the dark Schwarzsee, where rock deer, chamois and occasionally eagles can be observed. Passing the legendary Steinmannlis on the high plateau, we reach the last descent over the eastern flank of the Gamidaur, which leads to the fifth and last lake, the green Baschalvasee. This is followed by the descent to the Gaffia station.


Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel

By train to Sargans and from there by bus to the bus stop Wangs, Pizolbahn directly at the valley station Wangs of the Pizolbahnen. Take the gondola to the Furt mountain station and then two chairlifts to the Pizolhütte mountain station.

Anreise Information

Take the Sargans freeway exit, then follow the signs to the valley station of the Pizolbahnen. Park your car there. From there take the gondola lift and then the chairlifts to the Pizolhütte.

From Maienberg uphill there is a strict ban on driving! Passage by car or other motorized vehicles is not possible! There are no public parking spaces in Maienberg. For this reason it is mandatory to park at the valley station in Wangs.


Public parking available at the valley station in Wangs (CHF 5.00 / day).

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