Event Davos Klosters

Concert: Sleepless

39th DAVOS FESTIVAL – young artists in concert


06.08.2024 von 20:30 bis 21:40 Uhr
Evang.-ref. Church of St. Johann

39th DAVOS FESTIVAL – young artists in concert.


If you sleep badly, you will feel tired, unbalanced and unfocused the next day. In the long run, insomnia can even lead to health problems. That's why countless tips for a good night's sleep can be found on the Internet. Some are scientifically sound, others are without any basis.

According to legend, Count Hermann Carl von Keyserlingk also suffered from insomnia. Not as a sleeping pill, but for amusement and as a remedy against oppression, he wanted his musician Johann Gottlieb Goldberg to make nocturnal music "that would be of such a gentle and slightly lively character that it could cheer him up a little in his sleepless nights". At the Count's request, Johann Sebastian Bach wrote a suitable piano music. The fact that there is no dedication in the score and that the interpreter Goldberg was only 13 years old at the time suggests that the legend is more of a bedtime story than a factual report.

All information, the whole program: https://davosfestival.ch/festival/schlaflos-konzert-05/


Evang.-ref. Church of St. Johann

Berglistutz 3, 7270 Davos Platz

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