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Energieweg 06: Die erste Hütte

Energy Trail 06: The first hut


Here you are standing at the old Kesch hut. When it was built in 1893 with 26 beds, mountaineers were able to climb onto the glacier just a few metres below the hut. Their destination was usually the Piz Kesch, which was climbed for the first time in 1846 by Johann W. F. Coaz. 

A lot has changed since then: the glacier has receded and the hut now offers space for 92 guests. In addition, the demands of guests have increased. In the past, a roof over your head and a few woolen blankets were enough. Today, guests can expect duvets, toilets and showers. As a result, the energy demand in mountain huts has risen sharply in recent decades.

The Kesch hut has a sophisticated energy concept: keeping energy consumption as low as possible and producing most of the energy itself. The Kesch hut requires 37900 kWh of energy per year. This is comparable to a four-person household. With 5000 overnight stays per year, this is only 7.6 kWh per overnight stay. That's how much energy a person consumes on a 15-hour bike ride.

Behind the new hut at the next interesting place "Bacteria for Wastewater" you will next learn how the wastewater is purified.


Energieweg 06: Die erste Hütte

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