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Energy Forum Flumserberg Hagerbach Test Tunnel

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26.09.2024 von 08:45 bis 17:00 Uhr
Category 1: CHF .00
Category 2: CHF 220.00
Hagerbach Test Tunnel

Preview of this year's thematic blocks:

Switzerland was once again the innovation world champion in 2023:

For the 13th time in a row – how much longer?

Climate change is insidious and a major systemic risk:

Glacier melting: "Dangerous and promotes conflicts over water"

The energy world is changing fundamentally:

What is the status of Switzerland's energy transition?

Essential for Switzerland's survival:

What does it take for a secure power supply?

The hurdles of bureaucracy:

Why do approval procedures for water, wind and alpine

Solar power plants have stalled

Subterranean innovations in the Hagerbach test tunnel:

Research and testing for a more sustainable future!

Solution to the problem child of the winter electricity gap in Switzerland:

Untapped potential of wind power – is the turnaround coming?

Sustainable mobility "Swiss Made":

Robetaxi - world first for urban traffic problems!

Increasing building efficiency, cost and emission savings:

Smart buildings connect the real and digital worlds

Energy transition exacerbates imbalance between production and consumption:

Flexibilities as a key building block for the transformation of the energy system

Exemplary business model from practice:

"Start instead of waiting – digital and sustainable"

For heating - system change to heat pumps:

Warning: The devil is in the details!

Flums: Our host community and passionate energy city

Energy pioneers with historical roots.

Network – Aperitif with a short interlude from a safe distance:

"The force and power of energies"

Live demonstration of a small blast


Hagerbach Test Tunnel

Polistrasse 1, Flums Hochwiese

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