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From Ziger to Güslen


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Guided hike. 4 Flumserberg summit tour in the Sardona World Heritage region


14.07.2024 von 09:15 bis 16:15 Uhr
Fr.50.00 per person
plus BergJet gondola lift to the Maschgenkamm Fri.12.00-16.00
Walking time 3-3.5 hours
Hiking guide Ruedi Zuber

A little away from the tourist stream, you can discover and enjoy the mountains in peace and quiet. The colourful diversity of rocks testifies to the eventful history of the earth over the past 300 million years. Packages of rock were pushed on top of each other, the whole thing was lifted several thousand meters, glaciers and rivers modeled out today's landscape. The vegetation is correspondingly diverse. Starting at the Maschgenkamm, we follow well-marked hiking trails over alpine meadows, ridges and hilly peaks. The lakes on the Seebenalp shine like pearls. The varied hike offers a great view of the mountains and Lake Walen. Vertical rock faces give an idea that stones were also quarried for construction purposes along the alpine path.


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Teuchelweg 2, 7000 Chur

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