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Geomediation in the digital age - How can everyone win?

Discover the fascinating world of geo-mediation with new digital tools. Participants will learn how knowledge can be made more accessible and where the stumbling blocks lie.


26.06.2024 von 10:00 bis 19:00 Uhr
27.06.2024 von 09:15 bis 21:30 Uhr
28.06.2024 von 09:15 bis 21:30 Uhr
29.06.2024 von 09:00 bis 19:00 Uhr
CHF 260.00
Students: CHF 190.00
Tickets available for single days
Event Hall

Participants immerse themselves in the fascinating world of geology education and discover new digital tools and innovative methods that are revolutionizing the industry. You will learn how digital tools not only improve the study and mapping of geological phenomena, but also help to make these insights accessible to a wider audience.

From interactive tourist experiences to exciting school programs and teaching methods, participants will explore the future of geology education. At the same time, they take a critical look at the challenges associated with this renewed digital revolution.

Interested parties are invited to become part of this inspiring exchange between mediators, scientists and tourism experts. Geotope 2024 is not only an opportunity to expand one's own knowledge, but also to shape the future of geology education together.


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