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GEOTour Garmil – Station 1

Informationstafel UNESCO Weltkulturerbe Tektonikarena Sardona
GEOTour Garmil - Station 1

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GEOTour Garmil – Station 1
A personal guide will guide you on the popular Garmil high-altitude hike and give you interesting details about the geology along the way via smartphone.


Hello and welcome to the multimedia GeoTour to the Garmil. Look forward to this hike in the Pizol area, where the wonderful view will be a constant companion. Along the way, we will provide you with interesting information about the geology along the way. After all, the Garmil high-altitude hike is located in the UNESCO World Heritage Site "Tectonic Arena Sardona".

The Pizol area is a popular skiing and hiking area and is accessible from Bad Ragaz and Wangs. The Pizol summit rises to 2844 meters above sea level. Now we are on our way. Right at the beginning, this leads us past an inn, which used to be an alp.

Audio guide

With our new acoustic hiking guide, you will learn interesting facts about geology on the Garmil High Trail. The audio guide is accessible free of charge .  In order for the content to be displayed, the "Audio guide" function must be activated in the three-dot menu on the map (bottom right).

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GEOTour Garmil – Station 1

Pizolstrasse, 7323 Wangs

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