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GEOTour Garmil – Station 3

GEOTour Garmil – Station 3
GEOTour Garmil - Station 3

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GEOTour Garmil – Station 3
A personal guide will guide you on the popular Garmil high-altitude hike and give you interesting details about the geology along the way via smartphone.


The magnificent view is typical of the Pizol area. Here, too, on the "Chrutplangg", you can see the entire St. Gallen Rhine Valley. The defining element, the Rhine, already has an impressive width, but is still quite young. Finally, the river only flows into the North Sea in the Netherlands near Rotterdam. There is thus a distance of more than 1,200 kilometres between the source of the Rhine in the canton of Graubünden and its estuary. Between Sargans and Trübbach you can see the Gonzen and the rounded Schollberg. A long time ago, these elevations were connected to the Fläscherberg to the right of the Rhine. The water ate its way through these rock masses for a long time. It is also worth mentioning that iron-rich rock was mined there in the past. Guided tours of the old mine are still made today.

Audio guide

With our new acoustic hiking guide, you will learn interesting facts about geology on the Garmil High Trail. The audio guide is accessible free of charge .  In order for the content to be displayed, the "Audio guide" function must be activated in the three-dot menu on the map (bottom right).

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GEOTour Garmil – Station 3

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