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Guided hike "Primordial Shapes"

Guided hike with hiking guide Ruedi Zuber through the Capetta forest to Innerferrera. Registration required by June 20, 6:00 p.m.


23.06.2024 von 09:40 bis 16:00 Uhr
CHF 50.00 per person
Postbus stop Avers-Pürt

At the end of the 13th century, the Walser settled in the high valley of Avers. The landscape was characterized by livestock and dairy farming. During the seizure of land for pasture land and the construction of houses and stables, forests were cleared. In this high valley, it is now impressively evident how climate change and changes in management are shaping and changing the image of alpine landscapes. Up to 600-year-old larches and stone pines are silent witnesses of the early settlement and land use activities. As Methuselahs and primitive figures, they are able to delight us today. For the most part, the hike follows the renovated old Avers road, through forest and open land, along the Avers Rhine and past natural monuments.
Walking time 4 hours.
Registration required by June 20, 6:00 p.m.




Postbus stop Avers-Pürt

7447 Avers

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