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Mountain Forest Grab Bag


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Explore and discover the mountain forest in Parc Ela together with golden eagle Evla. In the Bergwald Wonder Bag you will find research utensils and a forest diary with 19 game ideas for the forest.


With the mountain forest grab bag, children between the ages of 7 and 12 can observe, draw, feel, smell the mountain forest in the nature park and learn how the plants and animals master the difficult conditions in the mountains. The mountain forest grab bag is also suitable for the forest at home. The Mountain Forest Grab Bag contains a forest diary with game ideas, a pocket knife, a tree puzzle turntable, animal guessing cards, a magnifying glass, a crown gaze mirror and much more!

The Bergwald surprise bag is available in the webshop , or at the tourist office in Savognin, Bivio, Bergün, Lenzerheide as well as at the Bergün sports railways for CHF 38.-. Of course, the game ideas can be applied in any forest.

Our route suggestions for the Bergwald Lucky Bag are not explicitly signaled for the Mountain Forest Lucky Bag. They are merely suggestions for beautiful routes through the forest. The Bergwald grab bag can be used anywhere. Every forest is suitable for your mountain forest grab bag.

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Mountain Forest Grab Bag

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