Sennis round trip via Malun

6.7 km
3:00 h
160 Hm
480 Hm
Ehemaliges Kurhaus Sennis
Blauer und weisse Enziane

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The cable car takes us to the Palfries plateau. We have several routes to the Hotel Kurhaus Sennis at our disposal. We decide to take the route via Alp Malun (alternatively via Alp Castilu, with a possible stop at the Stralrüfi mountain restaurant / see separate directions).
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Cable car Palfries
Cable car Palfries
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We start the hike at the Palfries mountain station. With the Palfriesbahn, we have previously overcome around 1,250 metres in altitude in just 12 minutes. The train travels over an impressive waterfall (Ragnatscher Bach) and takes us up to the Palfries plateau.

From the mountain station, the hike leads to the Palfries mountain inn, where it continues uphill towards Alvier after the car park. "In de Stei" the mountain path branches off to the left and leads us via "Mürli" to Alp Malun. From there it goes over pastures and dirt roads to the Hotel Kurhaus Sennis.

For the half-hour return trip to the valley station of the cable car, the shuttle bus is available. Departure is at 4:00 p.m. and from the end of September at 3:00 p.m. The ride must be reserved in advance (cable car valley station or directly at the Hotel Kurhaus Sennis).


The Swiss family Feuerstelle at the soul of the Hotel Kurhaus Sennis invites us to linger.


Daytime hiking backpack (approx. 20 litres) with rain cover, sturdy and comfortable footwear, weather-adapted and durable clothing in the multi-layer principle, if necessary telescopic poles, sun and rain protection, provisions and drinking water, first aid kit, pocket knife, mobile phone, possibly headlamp, map material


From the mountain station we hike over a length of 500 meters on the asphalted alpine road to the mountain inn Palfries. Immediately after the gravel parking lot, we take the mountain path to the right towards Alvier. After about half an hour you reach "in de Stei" where you continue to the left. A wonderful mountain spring with the most diverse and beautiful alpine flowers can be experienced on the way to the "Mürli" and on towards Alp Malun. The path leads us over alpine pastures and through wetlands. The alp is accessible via a dirt road from our hiking destination. We follow this for about 400 meters and then we turn left again into a hiking trail.

In the "sponge" we reach the Alperschließungsstraße again and follow it to the Hotel Kurhaus Sennis.


Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel

By train to Flums or Sargans, then by bus to the stop Heiligkreuz Ragnatsch. Ride on the Palfries cable car.

Anreise Information

Motorway exit Flums, then on the main road towards Sargans/Mels. The valley station of the Palfriesbahn is located in Heiligkreuz on the left side of the road. The Palfriesbahn is signposted.


Public parking available at the valley station of the Palfriesbahn (subject to charges)

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