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Stadt Ilanz und Surselva im Sommer
Skigebiet Brigels mit Aussicht
Surprisingly versatile: At the heart of the Alops, between the source of the Rhine and the Rhine gorge, lies the Surselva valley. In these beautiful mountain villages you will find perfect conditions for active or relaxing holidays.


The valley of Surselva with the resorts Brigels, Obersaxen, Val Lumnezia and Ilanz is a region full of cultural and natural highlights. Among them are natural attractions such as the Greina plateau, the waterfalls of Lag da Pigniu, the Rhine gorge or the plateau of Val Frisal. But historical buildings like the castle ruins Munt Sogn Gieri in Waltensburg or the old town centre of Ilanz are just as worth seeing. The active traditions and customs, the thriving art and culture plus the more than 190 kilometres of breathtaking ski slopes and the virtually endless hiking trails make for a uniquely varied holiday.


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