Event Viamala

Theatre "Mr. W"

A play about the happiness of forgetting. Play and play: Andreas Schertenleib. Dramaturgy and direction: Ueli Blum. No reservation required.


06.07.2024 um 20:00 Uhr
Adults. CHF 25.00, children CHF 12.50
Culture Barn

The story: Mr. W. no longer knows who he is and who he was. He even forgot his name. His wife's name too. He doesn't remember if he has children. He also doesn't know what his profession was. He remembers almost nothing of the past. He only remembers a few things from his childhood. The name of his best friend. The grandmother's phone number. And the date his cat died. And sometimes, he doesn't know where or why, he remembers a song. Then, suddenly, he knows everything exactly: the melody, the chorus, and all the verses. And that's how memories come back to me.

No reservation required.

"Small Bar" open from 7.00 pm.




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