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Winegrower's obig with Philipp Grendelmeier


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The winemaker at your table! It doesn't get more personal and direct than that.

We start with the aperitif at 6.30 p.m. and with the meal at about 7.15 p.m.


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Grendelmeier Winery in Chaliar | Philipp Grendelmeier
I am a Graubünden winemaker with heart and soul. As a career changer, I can fall back on tried-and-tested, traditional methods on the one hand, but also let my imagination run wild and take innovative and unusual paths.

My young team supports me motivated and energetic in the pursuit of my goals. The care of the vines, the harvesting, the pressing, the ageing of the wines, their bottling and distribution are in our hands.

My winery is located in the Tschalär in Zizers in the Graubünden estate. Together with my team, I cultivate ten different grape varieties on six hectares. The sunny, dry climate supports us in the production of first-class wines.

The proximity to the mountains and the frequent foehn wind contribute to the fact that our wines have a unique character.


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