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Winzerobig with Christian Obrecht


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The winemaker at your table! It doesn't get more personal and direct than that.

We start with the aperitif at 6.30 p.m. and with the meal at about 7.15 p.m.


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Christian Obrecht | Winery Obrecht
Christian and Francisca Obrecht form a smart, creative winemaking couple. The well-founded training gives them the security to look for the risk or the unconventional in the vineyard as well as in the cellar. Christian is not too quick to settle for the tried-and-tested. "It would be a shame if your head was full of new ideas," he says. Francisca accompanies him critically and encouragingly, sometimes a little impatiently. She has the ability to "recognise and strengthen a character" – in wine as well as in the family environment. Both are now at an age where intuition and experience complement each other fruitfully.

In 2006, Christian V and Francisca Obrecht-Lustenberger took over almost seven hectares of vineyards in Jenins and Malan. The two strive for harmony between plant and environment and use the biodynamic method for this purpose. They are convinced that biodynamically produced wines are characterized by greater independence, terroir typicality, freshness and digestibility.

In autumn 2022, after 36 months of construction, the two will complete the energy-sapping construction of the Torkel. The result is a haven of traditional crafts, abstract composition and explicitly framing architecture, which does justice to the winemaking of the two in a radically simple way.


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