Alvier - Schaner Alp - Vormsweg

13.1 km
6:00 h
1150 Hm
1150 Hm
Alviergipfel mit Alvierhütte
Je höher man steigt, desto eindrücklicher der Blick zum Walensee.

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Aussicht auf der Wanderung zum Alvier.
This steep, sweat-inducing mountain tour requires surefootedness and a moderate head for heights. With a bit of luck we will see the very rare edelweiss along the way. On the Alvier we are rewarded with a magnificent all-round view.
Technik 5/6
Kondition 5/6
Höchster Punkt  2342 m
Tiefster Punkt  1410 m
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Cable car Palfries
Cable car Palfries
47.088799, 9.420299



We start the hike at the Palfries mountain station. With the Palfriesbahn, we have previously overcome around 1,250 metres in altitude in just 12 minutes. The train travels over an impressive waterfall (Ragnatscher Bach) and takes us up to the Palfries plateau.

The hike takes us from the mountain station to the parking lot of the Palfries mountain inn. Here the path branches off to the right and initially leads us slightly uphill into the alpine pasture. From around 1,800 m above sea level. M. it gets steep. The difficult parts are secured with ropes or chains. Arriving at the Alvier summit, we enjoy a unique view in all four directions. 

From the Alvierhütte, the descent takes place via the Barbielergrat to the Stofel, where we can take a short breather in the Besenbeizli. Via the varied, partly narrow Vormsweg (mountain path) we reach the mountain road. Here it goes into the counter-ascent, partly over the alpine road or over mountain paths to the Chamm (point 1767). A magnificent view (back into the Rhine Valley and forward towards Lake Walen) is rewarded by the longer ascent. Across the alpine pasture we reach the Palfries mountain inn and the mountain station.


It is worthwhile to wait for the sunset on the Alvier summit and then spend the night in the Alvierhütte - an unforgettable nature experience!


Daytime hiking backpack (approx. 20 litres) with rain cover, sturdy and comfortable footwear, weather-adapted and durable clothing in the multi-layer principle, if necessary telescopic poles, sun and rain protection, provisions and drinking water, first aid kit, pocket knife, mobile phone, possibly headlamp, map material


From the Palfries mountain station, the path first leads along the road (in a northwesterly direction) to the Berggasthaus Palfries. After the large parking lot we turn right; over alpine pastures it goes first leisurely, then steeper and steeper up. From 1800 m above sea level, the trail becomes quite alpine. In a chimney gutter we climb between the rocks with the help of a wooden ladder to the ridge exit at the Chemmi. Looking back, the Flumserberge with the striking Spitzmeilen and the Walensee can be seen.

On the rugged south ridge, which is repeatedly secured by ropes and chains in difficult places, we continue to the Alvierhütte and the summit plateau of the Alvier. The steep ascent is worthwhile, here we have the unique 360° panoramic view of Lake Walen, Lake Constance and the Rhine Valley, the Glarus Alps, the Voralberg peaks and in good visibility of the Tyrolean and Engadine mountains.

From the summit of the Alvier, the descent leads along a narrow mountain hiking trail to the Barbielergrat. From there we continue on the hiking path over the alpine pasture of the Schaneralp to the Stofel, where we meet a "Besenbeizli". After a flat section follows a short, steep climb towards Fliedaköpfe, Vormsweg. The trail is marked white-red. The Vormsweg, a varied mountain path, leads over partly narrow paths to the mountain road and on to the entrance to the mountain hiking trail. Passing the club hut of the SBC Gauschla we come across the mountain road, which we follow for about 500 meters. Then it goes over another shortcut and you get back to the mountain road, which we follow downhill. Now it goes uphill through a moor area towards Hinderelabria to the Chamm. From time to time, this path crosses water-bearing ditches spanned by light bridges. Before we head towards Palfries, we take a last look back and enjoy the magnificent view of the Rhine Valley and over to the neighbouring country Liechtenstein with its striking mountains. The path leads us to the right over the alpine pasture of Palfries to the mountain road. There it continues in a southeasterly direction to the mountain station. A quarter of an hour before the finish (mountain station) we meet the Berggasthaus Palfries.


Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel

By train to Flums or Sargans, then by bus to the stop Heiligkreuz Ragnatsch. Ride on the Palfries cable car.

Anreise Information

Motorway exit Flums, then on the main road towards Sargans/Mels. The valley station of the Palfriesbahn is located in Heiligkreuz on the left side of the road. The Palfriesbahn is signposted.


Public parking is available at the valley station of the Palfriesbahn (subject to charges).

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