Town Square Chur

Arcas square

Arcas Platz mit St. Martinskirche

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Arcas Platz, Chur
The Arcas, surrounded by historic rows of houses and lined with several cafés and restaurants, is probably the most beautiful square in Chur.


Picturesque and medieval - that is how the Arcas looks today. Before 1971, however, it was quite a different story, for until then warehouses obscured the square. Architect Theodor Hartmann had these demolished and integrated an underground garage into his new design concept. Nevertheless, the Arcas has still retained its medieval character, for the row of houses extending towards the Plessur river are built onto the old city walls. And these - as can be seen at Arcas 25 - are thought to date from the 13th century. Nowadays, the medieval houses, with the modern open spaces in between, give the square a picturesque touch.

The Arcas is arguably the most beautiful city square in Chur. With its historical town houses and cafes surrounding the open space, it exudes an almost Mediterranean ambiance. During events, the Arcas becomes a picturesque stage in the heart of the Old Town. Of course, there is also a well where you can refresh yourself. The well on Arcas square is made of Gneis rock from the village of Andeer. It is based on the myth about the spirits on Scalära.


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