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Bergün Filisur

Bergün Filisur im Sommer
Bergün Filisur im Winter
The well-preserved mountain village of Bergün lies at the foot of the Albula pass, the gate to the Engadin valley. The journey from Bergün to Preda with the Rhaetian Railway, the heart of the UNESCO rail line Albula/Bernina, is a highlight for every visitor. In winter, Bergün is famous as sledding destination number one.


Bergün Filisur in summer:

Bergün Filisur will bring some variety to your holiday. Spot orchids in the Parc Ela nature park or take a stroll to the sound of courting blackcocks. Bergün Filisur is also a worth a stopover for railway enthusiasts: The Bergün railway museum and the railway experience trail provide lots of information about the Landwasser viaduct, the UNESCO World Heritage rail line and the Rhaetian Railways that operate the trains on it. Visit the historic villages in the area and take a walk along lake Palpuogna or on the Kesch trail from Flüela to Albula.

Bergün Filisur in winter:

In winter, Bergün Filisur offers tons of opportunities for an unforgettable winter holiday. The region is famous as Switzerland's sledding paradise, and it's also the heart of the Rhaetian Railways' UNESCO World Heritage rail line. From Preda to Bergün, you can sled on Europe's longest lit sledding run. The run has its steepest and most exciting slopes around the village of Darlux. Railroad enthusiast meet at Albula railway museum and, of course, at Landwasser viaduct, whose 136-meter-long arch is an absolute masterpiece of engineering.


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