Event Engadin St. Moritz

Chalandamarz in Celerina

On March 1, children parade through the village with bells and colorfully decorated hats, driving away winter with singing, cracking whips and ringing bells.


01.03.2025 von 08:30 bis 16:00 Uhr
Celerina Tourist Information

**Chalandamarz, Chaland´avrigl, laschè las vachas our d´uvigl...**

The roots of Chalandamarz can be found in pagan times, among the Romans.
The month of March is dedicated to Mars, the god of the sun and war.
According to the Julian calendar, the year began in March and in the warmer
warmer regions, it also marked the beginning of spring.
This event was celebrated with grandiose festivals to ask Mars for his
blessing for fields, meadows and livestock.

The Romans also played an important role in the Engadin and left traces of their customs.
traces of their customs. Cracking whips, ringing bells and singing
singing, the invisible spirits are driven away.
This noise is said to instill fear in the winter (spirit) and thus awaken fertility.

**Procession follows**


Celerina Tourist Information

Plazza da la Staziun 8, 7505 Celerina / Schlarigna

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