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Church Sogn Paul Rhäzüns

Kirche Sogn Paul Rhäzüns
The church Sogn Paul stands slightly elevated at the edge of the village of Rhäzüns.


The former parish and current cemetery church Sogn Paul is slightly increased, at the southwestern edge of the village, at the foot of the spur of the Heinz mountain. The striking building with einschiffigem nave and a rectangular choir is covered by a single pitched roof.

 The authentic medieval interior is the stage for works of art from four centuries to enter into a dialogue with each other.

Sogn Paul was a medieval parish church that was expanded by a baroque nave and the cemetery for the Barons of Rhäzüns Inside there are remnants of frecoes by the Master of Waltensburg and by a workshop of the "Gotico Internazionale". The alter is decorated by post-Gothic papier-maché copies of the alter wings of Sogn Gieri.


Daily from 8am-7pm (door closes automatically)


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