Culural Hike: Arosa - Litzirüti

3.5 km
1:10 h
260 Hm
20 Hm
Station Lernpfad schutz.wald.mensch
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Stausee Arosa

Short, relaxed and beautiful hike from the Untersee lake Arosa via the reservoir lake to Litzirüti.

The hike starts from the train station and leads through the village of Arosa to the Untersee lake where the graveled path starts. Very easy and never steep hike.

Author: Hansjürg Gredig, ZHAW Life Sciences and Facility Management

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Arosa train station
Litzirüti Railway Station
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We start at the train station at the Obersee, hike through Arosa down to the Untersee and from there take the marked forest path to Litzirüti. Water, forest and the Arosa cable car are our constant companions. The short hike ends at the Litzirüti railway station, from where we take the train back to Arosa or drive out of the valley through the Schanfigg in the direction of Chur.

Water Everywhere

Three lakes and the still young, but already wildly rushing Plessur accompany us on the way from Arosa to Litzirüti. The Arosa lakes, surrounded by mighty limestone mountains, are a delight to the eye. We do not know whether the former sovereign of the Arosers, Archduke Ferdinand of Austria, also liked them. But we know that he was concerned about the rich yield of fish, as his subjects indulged in the fishing grounds there in an excessive way. That was in 1545. Perhaps he would like the stylish wooden bathing establishment on the Untersee, which we reach after a short walk through Arosa. On a hot summer's day, this is the first and certainly refreshing stop. From the Untersee we continue our way to Litzirüti, next to us the railway line, below us the emerald green reservoir Isel. Its history also has to do with the early days of Arosa tourism. Around 1900, it was a must for spa hotels to be able to offer electric light to their noble clientele. The water for the first power plant was dammed in the Isel to form a small lake. This was enlarged several times in the coming decades in order to be able to meet the increasing electricity demand of the health resort. Today, apart from the raised weir, the lake nestles almost like a natural lake in the magnificent mountain landscape.

The water with its primordial power also accompanies us on the further path. The foaming Plessur and the Blau Rüfi, a huge erosion funnel in the steep terrain, eroded by the water, give an idea of the forces that lie in the persistent work of the water. In 1935, Litzirüti suffered severe damage to houses, stables, road and railway line when the small dam of the Lower Prätschsee broke.

After the Blau Rüfi we come across a strange stone pattern along the way. It is a station on the schutz.wald.mensch learning trail, which leads from Arosa to Langwies and playfully shows the importance of the forest for people. If you would like to eat what you have brought with you, this is a nice place. There is a fire pit, wood and seating. We have no reason to hurry, our destination Litzirüti is almost within reach and so we marvel at the many small creatures in the small lake along the way. Again we reach the route of the Arosa Railway, which gains altitude here with a large double hairpin bend. "In da Brünscht" is the motto here, a small broom pub invites you to stop for a bite to eat. But our attention is focused on the eye-catching house with the tower-like building on the other side of the railway line. Silver foxes, minks and raccoons were bred here until 1960 and the furs were sold in Arosa. In a short descent through the forest, another installation of the learning path follows before we reach the flat valley floor before Litzirüti.

Author: Hansjürg Gredig, ZHAW Life Sciences and Facility Management


A stop at "in da Brünscht" restaurant is an insider tip.

Author: Hansjürg Gredig, ZHAW Life Sciences and Facility Management


Sturdy shoes, rain protection


We begin our hike at the train station at the Obersee lake and walk through the village Arosa towards the Untersee lake where a forest path leads to Litzirüti. Water, forest and the Arosa train are our constant companions. The short hike ends at the train station Litzirüti from where we take the train back up to Arosa (or down the Schanfigg valley to Chur).

Author: Hansjürg Gredig, ZHAW Life Sciences and Facility Management


Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel

By train to Arosa.

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