Dalò, Lacùnc, Guardiello

4 km
6:00 h
1500 Hm
1500 Hm
Dalò, Lacùnc, Guardiello
You can enjoy a panorama that extends from the Splügental to the Bergell, over the settlement of Chiavenna far below. However, the best vantage point is the rocky spur that forms the destination of the proposed route; hence its name "Guardiello".
Technik 2/6
Kondition 3/6
Höchster Punkt  2187 m
Tiefster Punkt  635 m
Beste Jahreszeit
46.327707, 9.39972



Separate mountain ridge that starts at 2813 m at Pizzo Somma Valle. The ridge, always narrow and rocky, slopes towards Chiavenna and ends abruptly in the rock falls called "Senc di Dalò", thus keeping the mouths of the two main valleys apart. The proposed route remains permanently on the ridge line, where the hamlet of Dalò and the Lagùnc hut group (on the Map Agoncio) are located.


Once in Pianazzola - square at the end of the road - turn into the mule track, which rises in bends through the chestnut forest. We follow the beautiful path with hairpin bends, the route continues to climb in a slope to the highest point of the Sench di Dalò - the huge rock fortification, which rises above Chiavenna - here stands a large cross. You step out onto a meadow border where you could descend to the nearby houses of Dalò (1108 m) in the valley, with a view of the beginning of the Splügen Pass. To get to Lagùnc, continue the ascent at the highest point of the meadows through a beautiful fir forest. Soon you will reach a new terrace with buildings surrounding a moor pond that gives rise to the origin of the dialect name Lagùnc (from "lago unto": dirty lake). You leave this charming place and always climb on the ridge line after the steep, but well marked path. One brings behind one the meadows of Gualdo and the ruins of Bregheggio, with views of the willed gorges that drop steeply towards the lowest part of the mountain.
You stay on the ridge line, on a unique route, to below a rocky spur, where you take a small path that crosses the slope facing the Splügental
horizontally. This becomes a beautiful path at the huts of Crespallo (1935 m). Behind the few huts you climb even further to a small, shallow lake.
Turning to the right, you reach an elevation of the ridge, which is characterized by a large, square stone man. Thus, the highest point of the Guardiello (2187 m) is reached. The descent takes place on the same way back.

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