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Exhibition: Shift Change – Stones in the Old Town in Ilanz


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«Schichtwechsel - La Surselva» sensitises, provokes, conveys and encourages reflection on the geologically unique treasure of the Surselva.


10.06.2022 bis 12.09.2025
Ilanz, 7130, Switzerland

«Schichtwechsel - La Surselva» is an exhibition of several imposing stones from different eras, which can be explored on your own in and around the old town of Ilanz. Interesting facts about the many stories of the individual stones can be found on the exhibition guide at: Schichtwechsel-La-Surselva' target='_blank'>www.surselva.info/Schichtwechsel-La-Surselva

«Schichtwechsel - La Surselva», but also varied activities on the subject of stone during three years, initiated by Kollektiv Umbruch of a working group of Baukunst Graubünden together with the Museum Regiunal Surselva and Anna Catrina AG.

One of many hidden treasures in the Surselva is the variety of stones that has grown over millions of years. This gave rise to the idea of founding the association «Schichtwechsel – La Surselva» which subsequently realized a special art exhibition in the city of Ilanz.

The aim of the exhibition is to create a multi-layered examination of the fundamental material stone. To invite visitors to take a closer look and an attempt to experience the mountain stones surrounding us in a new context of a city.

«Schichtwechsel – La Surselva» is an installation made of individual and unusual stones. Each stone represents a specific character and represents a period of evolution. The stones come individually or grouped in ensembles and show themselves in snapshots from the time archive of our earth's crust.

An installation of around 200 unusual stones weighing around 200 tons in the old town of Ilanz manifests the stone diversity of the Surselva and makes the stones of the mountains tangible in an urban context. The walk-in art exhibition is complemented by the special exhibition on stone at the Museum Regiunal Surselva. There, various aspects of the topic are deepened and knowledge about geology and tectonic features in the Surselva is imparted. A varied supporting programme rounds off the offer.

Pictures: Lucia Degonda, Eskil Roll


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