Nature Trail Val Surses Savognin Bivio

Exploratour 08: Ade Kontinent, allegra Ozean!

Einstige Übergangszone
Exploratour 08: Goodbye continent, allegra ocean!


Here you cross the former border from the African continent to the ocean floor. Because northwestward drifting Africa has pushed the rock layers over and into each other, you can see a zone here that is normally inaccessible - the continent-ocean transition.

In today's ocean, this zone lies at a water depth of over 5000 meters and is covered by several 1000 meters of sediments. Oil companies suspect that the last large oil deposits are located there. In Surses, experts can explore these geological conditions on the surface, which are otherwise only accessible with difficulty with drilling ships on the high seas.


Exploratour 08: Ade Kontinent, allegra Ozean!

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