From Malans to Maienfeld

8.6 km
2:25 h
127 Hm
159 Hm
Weinberge Jenins
Maienfeld in der Bündner Herrschaft mit dem majestätischen Falknis im Hintergrund.

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Wanderung in der Bündner Herrschaft
A hike through the vineyards of the Bündner Herrschaft from Malans via Jenins to Maienfeld. On the way, you pass by the House of Graubünden Wine and the Heidi Village.
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Höchster Punkt  662 m
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Malans Railway Station
Maienfeld station
46.977679, 9.57416



This hike starts at the Malans train station. You walk along the main road to the post office square, where you follow the hiking trail sign in the direction of Jenins and cross the winegrowing village of Malans with its old stately houses and its less appealing new housing developments to the valley station of the Älpli cable car. From there you hike parallel to the road along a beautiful forest path in the direction of Jenins. The path leads over a stream to a playground and then immediately over a stream again. Right after that, the regular hiking trail would branch off upwards. However, this is not possible with a wheelchair. Therefore, you follow the road with little traffic the short distance to Jenins. Through the beautiful winegrowing village of Jenins, you walk along the village street until you reach the parking lot at the entrance to the village. Here a path branches off to the left up towards Rofels, a hamlet above Maienfeld. In Rofels, you now have the option of taking the path via the nearby Heidi village, which is popular with tourists. However, the access path is very steep. Alternatively, one can follow the road to Maienfeld. In both cases, you have to go down the Bovelgasse towards Maienfeld at the end, which is not attractive because the road can be very busy depending on the weather and time of day.

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At the House of Graubünden Wine in Jenins, it is worth taking a short tour of the vines. Here you can find out more about the wine of the Bündner Herrschaft.


Bahnhof Malans - Malans - Jenins - Heididorf - Maienfeld - Bahnhof Maienfeld


Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel

By train to Malans

Anreise Information

Take the A13 to Landquart, then turn onto the N28. Follow it only until the next exit and turn at the roundabout onto the main road to Malans

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