Geissegg-Trail 416

6.6 km
1:25 h
288 Hm
288 Hm
Giessegg - Ab hier geht es nur noch bergab
Infopoint bei der Klinik Valens

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Der Weiler Lavadiel
The spectacular views into the Mülitobel Gorge have to be worked hard for. The ascent to Geissegg is sometimes very steep - and the subsequent descent is also not completely easy.
Technik 4/6
Kondition 5/6
Höchster Punkt  1194 m
Tiefster Punkt  907 m
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Valens, Infopoint of The Valens Station
Valens, Infopoint of The Valens Station
46.969724, 9.48253



The Outdoor Fitness Trails in the Heidiland holiday region comprise more than 30 uniformly signposted running routes from a total of 10 stations, making it one of the largest open-air fitness parks in the Alpine region. The Geissegg Trail is one of three running trails around the Valens station.

The starting point for this 4.2 km long trail is the info point of the Valens station at the post bus station of the Valens Clinic (915 m above sea level). M). All three trails first lead past the school, mini golf course, church and shop, up to the road that leads to Vasön. As soon as you reach the main road, the trail turns right onto a narrow hiking trail, which after a few metres turns into a wide, well-developed alpine road. And from here on it gets really strenuous and steep! Partly past meadows and through mixed forests, it is only uphill to below Canova (1170)! Up to the Schindelboden (1187), the Geissegg Trail runs almost exclusively straight ahead through partly dense forest, over small streams and pastures. Once you have arrived at the very end of the valley at the Geissegg, the equally steep descent through the forest begins, always along the Mülitobel (beware of slipping in wet conditions). From the two old and spectacular bridges, which you cross during the descent, you have a spectacular view into the narrow gorge, up to 100 meters deep. Up to the modern - but no less impressive Tschenner Bridge (933), the trail runs along the old road that once led from Valens to Vasön. On the last section back to the info point at the Valens Clinic, you pass a wooden pavement that follows the course of the road.


The outdoor fitness trails run mostly on official hiking trails. For orientation on the way, therefore, the hiking trail signaling also helps.

Relax after your sporting performance in the public thermal bath of the Valens Clinic, where you bathe in the famous Bad Ragaz healing water.


Depending on the weather conditions, it can be very slippery in some places.


Normal jogging equipment, sturdy and comfortable footwear.


Valens - Lavadiel - Schindelboden - Geissegg - Tschennerbrücke - Valens


Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel

By train to Bad Ragaz, then by Postbus to Valens.

Anreise Information

Motorway exit Bad Ragaz, then drive on the mountain road towards Pfäfers/Valens to Valens.


Parking at The Valens Clinic.

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