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Genossenschaft Gran Alpin


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Maria Egenolf is the managing director of Gran Alpin, the cooperative of Graubünden mountain farmers who practice organic mountain farming. Gran Alpin had the two products Parc Ela flour mixture and Parc Ela rolled barley awarded.


The Gran Alpin cooperative was founded in 1987 to promote organic mining in the mountain valleys of Graubünden. It also supports projects that examine different types of grain for their suitability for the mountain area, for example for malting barley. Since 2016, the Preisig bakery has been selling Parc Ela bread, made from the Parc Ela flour blend with wheat, rye and barley from Gran Alpin. And with the Parc Ela rolling barley, hearty Graubünden barley soups are served in various restaurants in Parc Ela. In addition to the two excellent Parc Ela products, Gran Alpin also offers whole grains, various flours and flour mixtures, flakes, pasta and beer from their organically grown mountain grain. The products are available directly at Gran Alpin in Surava, in various shops and bakeries.


Tuesday afternoon 13.30 – 17.00 or by appointment


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Genossenschaft Gran Alpin

Bahnhofstrasse 14, 7472 Surava

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