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Guided tour of the Hans Brühlmann Memorial Trail in Vättis


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Discover Vättis with expressionist drawings by the painter Hans Brühlmann, a contemporary of Ferdinand Hodler.


11.08.2024 von 09:30 bis 11:30 Uhr
CHF 26.- per person
- Guided art hike with competent guide
- Exciting facts about works of art and artists peppered with historical facts about the village of Vättis
- Participants will receive a flyer of the Hans Brühlmann Memorial Trail
Vättis, 7315, Switzerland

Visit the Hans Brühlmann Circular Trail in Vättis, the pretty mountain village in the Tamina Valley. The guides of the Vättis Tourist Office will take you on an art hike to the most beautiful viewpoints around the village, and give you insights into the life and work of the great Eastern Swiss painter and draughtsman Hans Brühlmann (1878 - 1911) as well as into the works of the Vättis photo artist Korinna Fröhlich and into the history of the village of Vättis.
- Hiking with art and history
- 9 panels with art and history to discover around Vättis and in the village
- Gain exclusive insight into this circular route
- Learn exciting background knowledge from a guide
- Experience art in a unique environment

The Hans Brühlmann Memorial Trail commemorates the painter Hans Brühlmann from Eastern Switzerland, a pioneer of Expressionism. He left behind more than 80 Vättner drawings. They can be found in public museums and private collections in Switzerland and Germany. Brühlmann drew from the Büel, the Joggebödali, the Mühliboda, the Matlina and the Gams. In his hatching, expressive drawing style, he embeds the village sometimes in threatening, sometimes in lovely mountain landscapes, sometimes with a "view out of the valley", sometimes with a view of the Calfeisen valley.
Here's what experts had to say about Brühlmann's drawings:
"True masterpieces of modern drawing" (Rudolf Koella), "outstanding Vättner landscapes, lines and surfaces, omissions and shades result in works of abstract modernity" (Diggelman/Simmen).
Although he was made left-handed because of his paralyzed right hand, his Vättner drawings are "among the most valuable" that modernism has produced in the field of pencil drawing (Julius Baum). "Only a few artists drew with comparable audacity at the time, Ernst Kirchner, for example" (Rudolf Koella). The St. Gallen artist Roman Signer also expressed himself in this sense. Even before the hundredth anniversary of Brühlmann's death, he suggested that Vättis should keep the artist in honorable memory.

At seven stations, a Brühlmann work from the years 1910/1911 will be juxtaposed with a double-exposed photograph by the Vättner photo artist Korinna Fröhlich from today. Additional information about the history of the village of Vättner can be found via the QR codes on the boards.

Further information:
- Meeting point is at the post bus stop Vättis village in the center of Vättis.
- Parking is available in the center of Vättis.
- The tour takes place in all weather conditions (please adapt your clothing to the weather, Vättis is located at 950 m above sea level)
- Hiking boots or other good shoes
- Not suitable for wheelchairs, not suitable for strollers
- after the tour you can have lunch in the Tamina restaurant (reservation recommended)- in the Hotel Tamina there are three art books about Hans Brühlmann, which can be downloaded after the tour.
can be viewed
- the post bus from Vättis to Bad Ragaz runs at ... 39 hrs from Vättis village from
- a public toilet is located at the post bus stop Vättis Dorf


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