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Exclusive handicraft products for every taste - all made by the market traders themselves. Possibility to place orders for custom-made products.


07.09.2024 von 09:00 bis 17:00 Uhr

We are an association of dedicated craftsmen and craftswomen from the canton of Graubünden, who work with great attention to detail and enthusiasm for the various materials.

During the summer months, we can be found at various locations in the canton. Weather permitting, we spin, knot, leather, knit, thread, pluck, stir, tap, carve, plane ...

At our markets you can find:

- Natural or plant-dyed, hand-spun sheep's wool and knitted items (spinning wheel in use).
- Triangular shawls, scarves made from mohair wool and silk.
- Miscellaneous items made from old and new canvas, handbags with interchangeable lids.
- Unique items made from paracord and leather for dogs and accessories made from both materials.
- Pieces of jewelry made from plant seeds, shellfish shell and natural stones.
- Artfully knitted and crocheted items.
- Baby, children's and adult clothing made from fabric.
- Cherry stone and grape seed cushions, purses.
- Musical music boxes for the little ones.
- Glass fusing - glass objects in various shapes and colors.
- Comprehensive range of handmade utility ceramics.
- Ceramic jewelry creations.
- Natural ointments and oils, propolis and hemp products.
- Hand-forged knives, axes, finger rings, coat hooks (mobile smithy on site).
- Unique felt items, hats, cushions, figurines, animals, decorations.
- Wooden goods, turned objects.
- Jewelry made from various materials.
- Cards and paper boxes
- Sewing and plotting articles
- Knitted cuddly toys
- Photo cards with original photographs of nature and art
- paper gift cards, embroidery and golf club covers

We are also happy to accept special requests.

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