Lake Walen trail 474

13.8 km
2:30 h
406 Hm
406 Hm
Blick in richtung Walenstadt
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Die Chammbach-Brücke zwischen Ober- und Unterterzen
After a long, shallow running-in phase, it's time: Up and down - again and again. The varied terrain and the magnificent panorama will inspire you!
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Höchster Punkt  664 m
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Unterterzen station
Unterterzen station
47.114418, 9.254858



The Outdoor Fitness Trails in the Heidiland holiday region comprise more than 30 uniformly signposted running routes from a total of 10 stations, making it one of the largest open-air fitness parks in the Alpine region. The Walensee Trail is one of four running trails around the Unterterzen station.

The Walensee Trail is the royal tour of the Unterterzen station: The starting point for the 13.8 km long trail is the information point of the Unterterzen station on the lake side of the underpass to Unterterzen station (425 m above sea level). M). The trail leads along the turquoise blue Walensee on the tarred beach path to Mols. Shortly after Mols, the Walensee Trail turns onto the pavement of the cantonal road, which leads you to the Walenstadt train station. Constant companions on this section are the imposing Churfirsten on the left. Once passing under the station, the trail follows the railway track for a few metres before turning sharply right onto a bridge. The trail now leads under the motorway to the farm settlement of Haggenriet and the military shooting range Äuli. Although you already have a few kilometers in your legs - now it's just getting started! On a well-developed dirt road, the steep ascent through a small deciduous forest to the clearing Raischibli (538) follows. This is followed by a short area and a short descent - only to climb steeply again to 666 m above sea level. Afterwards you can recover again, because there is a descent to Tisen (486), where you meet the Terzen-Trail. This is followed by the last, long ascent via the farm settlement of Hamisfiu (632) - from where you can enjoy a breathtaking panorama - to below Oberterzen (665). From here it is only downhill. Up to the Kammbach bridge (560), the trail runs across open meadows. The last section to Unterterzen runs mostly through a partly dense deciduous forest along the Kammbach. When you arrive at the cantonal road in Unterterzen, the underpass takes you back to the starting point below the railway line.


The outdoor fitness trails run mostly on official hiking trails. For orientation on the way, therefore, the hiking trail signaling also helps.


Depending on the weather, it can be very slippery in some places.


Normal jogging equipment, sturdy and comfortable footwear.


Unterterzen - Walenstadt - Äuli - Raischibli - Nejenberg - Tisen - Hamisfiu - Oberterzen - Unterterzen


Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel

By train to Unterterzen.

Anreise Information

Motorway exit Walenstadt, then drive on the main road past Walendstadt to Unterterzen.


There are paid parking spaces at the train station.

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