Historische Stätte Flims Laax Falera

Parc la Mutta

Parc la Mutta
Take an exciting journey through time in the footsteps of the first astronomers from Grisons!


Falera is situated on a beautiful sun terrace at 1'200 m above sea level. Here people have created a unique centre which combines astronomy, mathematics and cult. The Bronze Age megalithic complex of Falera is one of the largest astronomical centres in Switzerland with a length of 400 metres and more than 34 erect stones. Bowl stones and menhirs from this period indicate the summer and winter solstices to this day.


Public guided tour:

with guest card CHF 15.–

without guest card CHF 20.–

Children up to 16 years free of charge

Private tour:

flat rate (up to 2 hours) CHF 250.00

Schools (students up to

17 years) flat rate (up to 2 hours) CHF 140.00

Winter tour/guided tour St. Remgius Church flat rate (45-60 minutes) CHF 150.-

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Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel

The international train connections take you to Chur. There you get on the postbus to Flims, Laax and Falera. The same applies if you arrive in Ilanz by Rhaetian Railway.


You use the A3/A13 to Chur or come via the San Bernardino route and take the exit Reichenau (number 18). You can also reach Flims, Laax, Falera after an impressive ride over the Lukmanier or Oberalp passes.


Please use the large parking lot at the entrance to the village. Falera is a car-free place and it may only be driven in and parked with an appropriate driving license.


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