Piz da Vrin mit den Schneeschuhen

8.8 km
6:05 h
1138 Hm
1132 Hm
Fönwalzen gegen Süden
Fantastische Gebebirgslandschaften bei der Alp Ramosa

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Panorama auf dem Gipfel

In the rear Lumnezia you climb from Vrin to the local mountain of the village. The summit area can be quite alpine, depending on the conditions. However, the beautiful slopes and the alpine ambience soon make you forget the efforts.

Technik 4/6
Kondition 5/6
Höchster Punkt  2557 m
Tiefster Punkt  1420 m
Beste Jahreszeit
Vrin or Sogn Giusep
Vrin or Sogn Giusep
46.655833, 9.099172



The GPS track shows a round trip, but we recommend it as a round trip. This means either starting in Vrin (public transport connection) or from Sogn Giusep by car.

The tour from the village of Vrin is a bit more demanding in the summit area. You climb directly over the alpine meadows of Prada and after about 500 meters of altitude you reach Alp Dado. Now it becomes more challenging in terms of avalanche technology, as steep slopes have to be climbed again and again or you move in the area of influence of steep slopes. The ascent to the summit is then quite stylish and requires a good running technique. The space on the highest point is limited, but the panorama is definitely not. Now you can either go down along the ascent track or take the route via Sogn Giusep. With the disadvantage of having to walk along the valley road at the end.

The ascent from Sogn Giusep requires the journey by car. This tour is a bit easier, but still has a few steeper sections. Up to the height of the Stavel Liung at about 2000 m above sea level, it goes up over alpine meadows. Just right for breaking in. Continue via Puozas to below the summit. The peak degree is regularly blown off. Theoretically, you could now descend via Alp Dado. But if you have the car in Sogn Giusep, you have to solve this logistical problem.

The temptation is great to descend via Alp Cuolm. However, this area is a wildlife rest area and is closed from 01/12 to 15/04. Please be sure to comply!


This tour is long and alpine for a snowshoe tour. If you have enough technique and fitness, you will experience a magnificent tour.


Ski and snowshoe tours in unsecured terrain require good knowledge of avalanche danger assessment and tour planning. Furthermore, a complete safety upgrade must always be carried - regardless of the current avalanche danger.

We recommend the WhiteRisk app and website to prepare and plan the tour.

For carefree enjoyment, we recommend our mountain guides and snowshoe hiking guides of the Surselva.

List of guides


See safety instructions


From Vrin

Vrin - Alp Dado - Stavel Sura - Summit - Descent via ascent route

From Sogn Giusep

Sogn Giusep - Stavel Liung - Puozas - Summit - Descent via ascent route


Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel

From Ilanz by post bus to the terminus in Vrin

Anreise Information

From Ilanz to Vrin

If you choose the route from Sogn Giusep, continue along a narrow road to Sogn Giusep.


Vrin: Parking lot at the schoolhouse. Somewhat hidden from the centre of the village on the left at the Casa Leon restaurant.

Sogn Giusep: There is an official car park under the village.

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