Prätschli - Eichhörnliweg - Arosa (barrier-free / wheelchair)

3.8 km
0:55 h
32 Hm
201 Hm
Der Spielplatz auf dem Eichhörnliweg

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Prätschli - Eichhörnliweg - Arosa (Barrierefrei / Rollstuhl)
The route leads via the Eichhörnliweg back to Arosa. The cute little animals can be easily attracted, fed and observed with a few nuts and a little patience.
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Bus stop Prätschli
Arosa train station
46.791021, 9.675326



From Arosa train station, take the bus to Prätschli. From there, the first part of the hike leads above the tree line with an impressive mountain panorama to Maran. If the first part of the route is too steep and stony for you, you can follow the Prätschliweg (down to the left of the Prätschli-Stall restaurant) and return to the original path before Maran. From Maran, the path leads into the forest and soon the first squirrels greet us. These cute little animals and also the birds are quite trusting. They like to be watched and they prefer to get the nuts directly out of their hands. The path winds partly along a small stream into the valley. Rest areas can be found everywhere in the forest and two cozy barbecue areas invite you to linger. On the way back to the village, a beautiful view of the Obersee opens up and perhaps the Weisshornbahn floats silently above us. Past the first houses, take a footpath back to the train station.


Feed the squirrels with unpeeled nuts - so the rodents have to use their teeth and weed them off, which is important for the animals.


Good footwear and weather-appropriate clothing is recommended.

The trail is only passable with the JST or with a normal wheelchair.

The JST Mountain Drive - ideal companion for independent excursions. Arosa Bergbahnen AG (stationed at the middle station of the Arosa-Weisshorn cable car) has two models that can be rented as required. The wheelchairs are taken from the middle station and



From the bus stop Arosa, Prätschli, the entrance via the hiking trail follows the first 500m with a gradient of about 6% on asphalt Several rain grooves and benches follow at the side of the path. At the highest point, the subsoil changes to gravel and this is followed by a gradient of almost 20% over 300m and just over 20% gradient over a short stretch. This section of the trail is occasionally separated by two pasture fences that are easy to open. From km0.8 the path becomes flatter and follows the golf course with a beautiful panorama with a gradient of almost 10%. At the Maran dairy, the surface changes to asphalt.

The steep descent can be avoided by turning directly right onto gravel at the entrance to the hiking trail and following the Prätschliweg with a gradient of around 3% and 3 rain grooves. After about 400m you come back to the original path.

At km1.3 is located directly on the hiking trail the Hotel Hof Maran, which has a wheelchair-accessible toilet. Access to the house to the left of the building via stair lift to the basement. Request keys for stair lift at reception Tel. 081 378 51 51. Access in the building via lift: door width: 80cm, DxW: 130x100cm. The toilet is located on the ground floor. WC-Info: Door width: 91cm, Movement area (DxW): 180x140cm, Seat height: 50cm, Grab handles: right mobile, left fixed, Access: right, Mirror height: 104cm, Washbasin can be driven under in height: 73cm.

After the Hotel Hof Maran turn into the Eichhörnliweg. After 100m the ground changes to gravel and after another 100m to solid forest floor. The first 700m of the path lead with about 8% gradient and numerous rain grooves past two fireplaces in the direction of Arosa. Numerous benches line the path. The other 900m are quite flat.

Back to the train station it goes over a paved footpath and a short section over gravel with several rain gutters and a gradient of around 12%. A short asphalted ramp of over 20% gradient leads to the pavement. Follow this to the train station.


Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel

From Chur, the Rhaetian Railway runs hourly to Arosa. Pre-registration is required (24h) under Tel. 0800 007 102, from abroad: +41 (0)51 225 78 44. From the train station, the bus with folding ramp goes to Arosa, Prätschli.

Even when you arrive in Arosa, you remain mobile. The Arosa Bus likes to transport its passengers from A to B and strives to meet their needs. And even if you want to take a taxi, there are possibilities: The Alpin Taxi (+41 81 377 35 35) has larger taxis where the wheelchair can be loaded into the trunk.

Anreise Information

From Chur follow the signs via Schanfiggerstrasse to Arosa. After entering the village, follow the main road to the train station.


At the entrance to the village there is a parking information board. At Arosa train station there is a large car park with two reserved wheelchair-accessible spaces.

Arosa Parking

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