Mountain Restaurant Arosa Lenzerheide

Restaurant Alpenrose

Das malerische Restaurant Alpenrose

The picturesque restaurant is an ancient house made of wood in the Walser village Medergen on more than 2000 m asl.


A special excursion is the hike to the Walser village of Medergen. At exactly 2004 m above sea level, the Alpenrose mountain restaurant is located in this picturesque village, which incidentally still lives without running water and electricity. Like all the buildings in the picturesque village, the restaurant is a wooden house several centuries old. Home-made specialities from the region. 



Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel

The Rhaetian Railway runs every hour from Chur to Arosa (also in the opposite direction). SBB timetable

Take the Rhaetian Railway to Langwies or Litzirüti and continue on foot.


Follow the Schanfiggerstrasse from Chur direction Arosa. After passing by Langwies, continue on the main road over the Sapüner-Stream and turn left at the first possibility after a few hundred metres. Follow the windy road about 5 km up the hill to Medergen.

From Chur, take the winding Arosastrasse road to Langwies. After passing the village, follow the Arosastrasse to Sunnarüti. The forest road winds its way up the mountain for just over 5km to Medergen.

There is a ban on motor vehicles and motorbikes on the Medergerstrasse. However, the roads can be driven on with an exceptional permit from the municipality.

Since 2018, it has been possible to buy day and residence permits via SMS or the Parkingpay app.

Instructions Parkingpay app.

Instructions on how to do this are attached to the respective no-driving signs and can be seen in the notice boards and at the points of sale. Our foreign guests cannot buy the permit via SMS, but must download the Parkingpay app and deposit their credit card.

A hiking trail leads to the Walser village of Medergen.


Park your car on the parking lot at the entrance of Medergen.


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