Ricola Experience Trail

2.6 km
0:45 h
146 Hm
0 Hm
Ricola Erlebnisweg Bienenhotel
Ricola Erlebnisweg Start/Ziel Golf- & Sporthotel Hof Maran

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Ricola Erlebnisweg Kräuteranbau
The approx. one-hour easy walk starts either at the Golf- und Sporthotel Hof Maran or at the Arosa Bear Sanctuary - always, of course, with the most beautiful views of the Arosa mountain scenery.
Technik 1/6
Kondition 2/6
Höchster Punkt  2007 m
Tiefster Punkt  1862 m
Beste Jahreszeit
Opposite the Hotel Hof Maran
Arosa Bear Sanctuary
46.792822, 9.681411



Have you ever asked yourself: Who invented Ricola and how do the herbs actually get into the candies? The Ricola Experience Trail will tell you and take you on an exciting journey through the world of Ricola.

Along the 10 experience stations you will learn many interesting facts about the ever-popular Ricola products, what makes them so special and of course everything you need to know about the Swiss mountain herbs. Smell, see, taste and, above all, marvel at the big and small secrets of the traditional Swiss company on this interactive trail.


Before the hike, visit the Natur Labor in the village - there you will find various herbal candies to try. Pack some change in your pocket so that you can let out your favorite variety from the Ricola vending machine on the theme trail. 


Arosa strives to provide hikers with a well-developed and marked network of hiking trails. Please follow the rules and signposting. You will find further helpful tips under the hiking information.


Clothing suitable for the actual weather condition is recommended.


The adventure trail starts either at Maran or the Arosa Bear Sanctuary. The path is mostly asphalted. Strollers can pass the path. Visitors in wheelchairs can rent a JST Mountain Drive wheelchair at the middle station, with which the adventure trail is passable.


Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel

The Rhaetian Railway runs every hour from Chur to Arosa (also in the opposite direction).

From the Arosa train station, the Squirrel Trail leads directly to the start/finish point at the Golf- & Sporthotel Hof Maran. With the local bus you can also get directly from the train station to the Golf- & Sporthotel Hof Maran. If you have decided to start the hiking trail at the Arosa Bear Sanctuary, you can change directly next to the train station to the cable car Arosa-Weisshorn.

Anreise Information

From Chur, take the winding Arosa road to the end of the valley in Arosa. A few meters after the village entrance turn right into the road towards Maran/Prätschli. Follow the road until you reach the Golf- & Sporthotel Hof Maran, there are a few parking spaces above the hotel. However, we recommend that you park your car at the Ochsenbühl parking garage. Right next to it is a bus stop, the local bus will take you comfortably to the start/finish location Hof Maran.


At the entrance to the village there is a large sign with the various parking options. We recommend the Ochsenbühl parking garage. You will find further information under Arosa Parking.

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