Route of amazement Flumserberg

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2:30 h
305 Hm
305 Hm
Restaurant Seebenalp
Der Tanzplatz-Brunnen

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Moor beim Chatzenberg
Circular hike through the varied mountain world of the Flumserberg, which offers magnificent views as well as insights around the three lakes on Seebenalp.
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Flumserberg, Tannenbodenalp
Flumserberg, Tannenbodenalp
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From Flumserberg-Tannenbodenalp follow the dirt road in the direction of Tanzplatz, past the "Hochzytsbänkli", over the Chatzenberg you reach the Grosssee on the Seebenalp, which you follow on the southern side to the smaller Heusee and walk along the northern shore back to the Kurhaus. To get to Tannenbodenalp you can choose the ascent path or a variant, perhaps via the Chrüz mountain restaurant. You end the hike at the "Züribänkli", near the Tannenbodenalp.

Tanzplatz (Heilplatz): Above the Tanzplatz fountain in the meadow you will find a very vigorous place, which is accessible when the grass is low. The intense earth radiation is of building up and degrading energy quality, which refers to a healing place.

Hochzytsbänkli: Slightly elevated in an idyllic spot, with a fantastic view, someone has fulfilled a wish with the "Hochzytsbänkli". Despite its beautiful location, the energies here are draining, a longer stay is not recommended.

Chatzenberg (power place): The path towards Seebenalp takes you past a small high moor just before the highest point. Without having to enter it, you can observe a geomantic zone, a place with many energy lines. The intensity of the earth's radiation is high, the quality of the radiation is building, they are standing here in front of a place of power. At best, children will discover goblins and fairies here.

Seebenalp (place of power): The three lakes, the Grosssee, the Heusee and the almost silted up Schwarzsee, lie like polished gems in the depression of the Seebenalp. It is hardly surprising that a spa house was built here. Interestingly, the bodies of water are very different in terms of energy. The strongest is the Heusee. The red, hewn stone at the Heusee marks the strongest point.

Züribänkli (power place): With a view of Churfirsten and Walensee, sky and clouds and, when the weather is clear, as far as Lake Zurich, the Züribänkli is a wonderful place to linger. Here you will encounter powerful and uplifting energies. Energetically, it is a place of power.


Enjoy the sunset at the "Züribänkli".


Normal hiking equipment, sturdy mountain boots.


Tannenbodenalp - Tanzplatz - Hochzytsbänkli - Chatzenberg - Grosssee - Heusee - Kurhaus Seeben - Chatzenberg - <> - Tannenbodenalp


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Anreise Information

Motorway exit Flums/Flumserberg, follow the main road towards Flumserberg Tannenboden.


Public parking available at Tannenboden.

Parking is chargeable from 07:00 to 17:00. From 17.00 to 02.00 you can leave the car free of charge.

After 02:00 to 07:00 there is a night parking ban. There are plenty of night parking spaces in the Tannenboden multi-storey car park or in the Tannenheim. 

The night car park can be used for a fee, but camping is prohibited.

Alternative: BikerCamping powered by Aparthotel Edy Bruggmann

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