Route of amazement Mels

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53 Hm
Mystischer Tiergartenhügel mit Steinheiligtum
Blick von der Ebene auf den Hügelberg

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Festplatz auf dem Tiergartenhügel
Power place hike along the idyllic Seez to the magical Tiergarten hill.
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Mels, train station
Mels, train station
47.053476, 9.418



From Mels train station, hike to the Seez and follow the lively course of the river. Along the way, you will come across many gems along the way and hike past renatured river sections. Even from a distance you can see the imposing Tiergarten hill proudly rising out of the Seez plain. Once you have arrived at the Tiergarten Hill, you walk past the large fairground to the stone sanctuary. For the way back, choose the same route as you came.

Tiergarten Hill: Pay attention to the special atmosphere that greets you when you enter the mixed oak forest at the Tiergarten. The longer you stay in it, the more you feel the almost mystical aura of the place. The Tiergarten hill was once much larger. As a red island mountain, it rose out of the water of the Walensee and the Seez, which were much longer at the time. There are many indications that it was used as a mountain of power and cult. The stone heligtum consists of two large stones, one of which is a bowl stone with two notched water bowls. They are of positive, life-promoting quality and of high radiation intensity. A little off the beaten track, you'll come across two millstones that were never quite finished. Embark on a little experiment here. Which stone do you like better? Which one are you drawn to? Stand alternately on both stones. Stay calm and relaxed. Where does it feel better? Take the following insight with you into everyday life: If possible, stay in places where you feel comfortable. The millstone energy experiment sensitizes perception and makes it easier for you to consciously listen to your body.


Mels Train Station - Seez - Tiergarten - Seez - Mels Train Station


Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel

Daily by train to Mels.

Anreise Information

Arrival from Zurich

Take the motorway exit Flums/Flumserberg. Follow the signs to Mels. 

Arrival from St. Gallen/Chur

Take the Mels motorway exit. Follow the signs to Mels. 


Public parking available at Mels train station (charges apply).

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