Runda Lai da Vons

38.8 km
4:10 h
1469 Hm
1473 Hm
Runda Lai da Vons
Runda Lai da Vons (Gravelbike)

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Runda Lai da Vons
The rhythmic road to the Sufner lake is followed by gravel to probably Switzerland’s most beautiful pass. It gets steep after Splügen, although without any really nasty inclines. You’re rewarded at Lai da Vons with wide views, including to the Rheinwaldhorn. The descent to Andeer? Long, rapid and very bumpy.
Technik /6
Kondition 6/6
Höchster Punkt  2073 m
Tiefster Punkt  978 m
Beste Jahreszeit
46.602361, 9.426353



From Andeer (982 MASL), the road leads along the road up the valley. The valley narrows at the wild Roffla gorge and allows you to immerse yourself in nature. The road rises rhythmically and constantly, but not steeply. There is the first chance to get your breath back along the Lai da Sera reservoir (1,080 MASL), before the road climbs again up to the Sufner lake (1,398 MASL), whose waters gleam turquoise. You turn left off the road onto the Rheinwaldroute No. 505, which takes you over the dam and then along the northern bank of the lake. You reach Panell (1,652MASL) via a sharp climb on gravel. Then comes the descent through the Fugscht forest to Splügen, probably the most beautiful pass village in Switzerland. Then it is back to Sufers (1,428 MASL) through the valley floor of the Rheinwald forest, from where the route relentlessly climbs towards Lai da Vons (1,994 MASL). The climb is challenging, but there are no really wicked slopes. Above the edge of the forest, you’re rewarded with the view back towards the Rheinwaldhorn. You reach the highest point of this tour (2,050 MASL) shortly after the picturesque mountain lake Lai da Vons. A long, rapid descent on gravel and asphalt takes you back to Andeer. This can be really bumpy in places.


Andeer is famous for its medicinal spa. After this gravel bike tour, enjoy the mineral water spa with its wellness area– recovery for your strained muscles is guaranteed.

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