St. Georgen trail 441

7 km
1:10 h
158 Hm
149 Hm
Kapelle St. Georgen, Berschis

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The journey is the goal! The chapel St. Georgen is enthroned high above the idyllic village of Berschis and offers a spectacular view down to the valley and the surrounding mountains.
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Flums, Infopoint of the Station Flums
Flums, Infopoint of the Station Flums
47.095889, 9.347854



The Outdoor Fitness Trails in the Heidiland holiday region comprise more than 30 uniformly signposted running routes from a total of 10 stations, making it one of the largest open-air fitness parks in the Alpine region. The St. Georgen Trail is one of three running trails around the Flums station.

The starting point for this 6.3 km long trail is the info point of the Flums station at the parking lot of the train station (451 m above sea level). M). Still at the train station, before the bridge over the Seez, all three trails turn right onto the sidewalk along the stream, until the next bridge. After crossing it, you continue through inhabited areas towards the football field. Only here do the trails separate. The St. Georgen Trail and the 2 Villages Trail continue behind the football field on a footpath along the Schils stream - with a wonderful view of the Gräpplang castle ruins, the surrounding vines and the imposing Churfirsten. At the WWTP (436), the trails follow a tarred road that leads over the railway bridge in the direction of Berschis. After the overpass, the trails separate. The St. Georgen Trail continues on the motorway overpass to the entrance to the village of Berschis (444). The trail now leads through the middle of the idyllic village. At the southern end of Berschis, the steep ascent to the chapel of St. Georgen (588) begins. The tarred road leads past the settlement of Golrina (500), along the forest to the parking lot with the information board to the chapel. The route continues across a pasture and through a sparse mixed forest to the chapel high above the village. From up there you have a wonderful view over the valley and the surrounding mountains. The descent through the dense forest back to the settlement of Golrina leads past the Lourdes Grotto and is quite steep (be careful: risk of slipping in wet conditions). Back in Berschis you come across the 2 Villages Trail. Together, the trails reach the motorway underpass in the middle of the industrial zone between Flums and Walenstadt, which leads back to the info point at the train station car park in Flums.


The Chapel of St. Georgen is one of the 55 places of wonder in the Heidiland holiday region. To visit the chapel you need a key. Call 081 733 29 38.


Depending on the weather conditions, it can be a bit slippery in some places.


Normal jogging equipment, sturdy and comfortable footwear.


Infopoint Flums - Football pitch - ARA - Berschis - St. Georgen - Berschis - Infopoint Flums


Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel

By train to Flums.

Anreise Information

Motorway exit Flums/Walenstadt, then drive to Flums station.


Paid parking is available at Flums station.

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