Stage 3 Gravel Bike Route Vorderrhein: Brigels – RhB – Lai Tuma – Disentis

71.5 km
7:50 h
1500 Hm
1500 Hm
Rhätische Bahn

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The gravelbike tour through the Surselva to Disentis-Sedrun and the Maighelshütte promises not only an exciting journey of discovery, but also a journey through the largest Romansh-speaking area of Graubünden to the source of the Rhine.
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Today’s motto is starting comfortably! From Brigels (1,290m above sea level) you’ll ride through typical villages of Surselva to Trun (861m above sea level). Once every hour, the Rhaetian Railway rolls up into the valley. You’ll load your gravel bike into the red RhB and together you’ll get from Disentis to Tschamut (1,645m above sea level). From here, you’ll follow the young Rhine towards its source. At first, the cycle route no. 3 leads you in the direction of the Oberalp pass, in Surpalits you’ll turn onto the MTB route no. 205. A steep gravel road will take you into high Alpine terrain and every time you pedal, the air gets a little thinner. In Siara (2,174m above sea level), you’ll have the opportunity to tackle the last 900 meters and 176 altitude to the source of the Anterior Rhine on foot. A steep and difficult path leads to Lai da Tuma (2,345m above sea level).

If you prefer travelling on two wheels, follow the dirt road to Maighels Hut (2,314m). The hut is the highest point on the tributaries of the Anterior Rhine, which can be reached by bicycle. Taking a break is more than deserved at this point, you’ll first get back on the dirt road, which will be followed by the Oberalp pass road back to Tschamut (1,645m above sea level). In Selva you’ll leave the main road and follow the Graubünden bike route no. 90 to Sedrun (1,406m above sea level). Taking a short detour to the village to strengthen yourself in "La Conditoria" with a piece of the smallest nut cake in the world is definitely worth the trip. Via Surrein, taking the path through the Muota Pigniel, you’ll get to Uaul Cavorgia (1,662m above sea level), which stuns with its flora and a great panoramic view. The route will take you to Disentis (1,130m above sea level) via Mumpé Medel. From a distance, you’ll be able to see the imposing Benedictine monastery, which has made an impact on the town since the 13th century.

From the 71.5 km you drove 23.7 km with the train.


Overall route: Chur  – Chur

Stage 1: Chur – Ilanz

Stage 2: Ilanz – Lag Pigniu – Brigels

Stage 3: Brigels – RhB – Lai Tuma – Disentis

Stage 4: Disentis – Obersaxen

Stage 5: Obersaxen – Alp Nova – Ilanz

Stage 6: Ilanz – Flimserwald – Chur

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