Trans Grischun: Oberalp Pass - Obersaxen (Stage 1)

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5:50 h
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2392 Hm
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Oberalppass -Strasse

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Erster Schotter unter den Rädern in der Nähe des Oberalppasses
The first stage of the multi-day Trans Grischun starts in the far east of Graubünden. Specifically: on the Oberalp Pass. In constant ups and downs, the route leads through the Surselva to the high plateau of Obersaxen.
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Oberalp Pass


Obersaxen Meierhof

46.70273646, 8.8894098



The start of this gravel bike tour is the Oberalp Pass, which is located near the source of the Anterior Rhine. The well-known river is also a companion of the first section of the trail. The route first leads you from the top of the pass over the asphalt road. After a short while, you turn into the old pass road, where you feel the first gravel under the tires of your gravel bike. The trail soon tapers to a flowing singletrack. In Selva, turn off the main road and take the Graubünden Bike Route 90 to Sedrun. Here it is worth taking a short detour to the village to fortify yourself in "La Conditoria" with the smallest nut cake in the world. Via Surrein you reach the Uaul Cavorgia and on to the quaint mountain village of Mumpé Medel. From here you can enjoy a beautiful view down to Disentis. The imposing Benedictine monastery has shaped the village since the 13th century.

From Disentis, follow the official Rhine Cycle Route No. 2 before the route of the Trans Grischun leads up to the plateau of Obersaxen. The area was settled by the Walsers and is therefore a Swiss-German language island in the middle of the Surselva, where Romansh is spoken. Shortly after Friggahüs, you can let the first stage roll out patgific (leisurely) to Obersaxen Meierhof and enjoy the impressive view of the Surselva.


The Trans Grischun leads at regular intervals through inhabited areas, so that you can always find places to stay overnight and adapt the stages to your needs.


Between Mompé Medel and Disentis Fontanivas there are some tunnels with car traffic.


From the Oberalp Pass, follow the pass road, then turn onto a wide hiking trail. In Tschamut again on the pass road for a while, then turn off to Selva and everything on the right side of the Rhine downhill. In Fontaniva's short change to the left side of the river, then everything right again via Cavardiras, Pardomat, Surrein, Zignau and St. Martin to Obersaxen Meierhof.


Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel

By train from Lucerne/Zurich or from Chur to Oberalp Pass

Anreise Information

By car from Lucerne/Zurich or from Chur to Oberalp Pass


Parking spaces on the Oberalp Pass (for a fee)

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