Natural Monument Chur


Tumas, Domat/ems
The small hills in Domat/Ems are called Tumas in romanish language


Domat/Ems lies at the beginning of the wide Chur Rhine valley, surrounded by wooded hills and high mountain ranges - a landscape in grand style. The location of Domat/Ems between small round hills, known as the «Tumas», is also distinctive. The «Tumas» are relics of past landslides that have shaped the lowlands around Domat/Ems. They were originally formed from harder debris that was not washed away by erosion. The distinctive talus slopes lean against the southern foot of the mountain; they jut out in the shape of a fan and roll in gentle slopes down to the plain. The «Tumas» are under conservation.



7013 Domat/Ems

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