Unterterzen - Filzbach - Weesen

17.8 km
6:00 h
687 Hm
687 Hm
Easy high-altitude hike over the left shore of Lake Walen, especially recommended as a family hike. Wonderful view of Lake Walen and the Churfirsten chain.
Technik 2/6
Kondition 5/6
Höchster Punkt  760 m
Tiefster Punkt  420 m
Beste Jahreszeit
Unterterzen, railway station
Weesen, Park am See
47.11376, 9.25469



We walk on the road uphill towards Quarten. At the small bridge we take the hiking trail that leads us directly to the parish church of St. Gallus von Quarten, built in 1862. We continue uphill past the village hall to Afadella, then we follow the scenic road towards Lake Murgsee. This small detour rewards us with a unique view of the steeply rising Churfirsten on the opposite shore of the lake. Below us, by the lake, lies Murg, opposite the sunny Quinten.
In the Neubruchwald we branch off to Knopf, then we cross the Murgbach on a curved bridge. If there is a lot of water flowing, it is worth taking a short detour to the nearby waterfall. Through the shady forest we reach Guflen, then it goes steeply down through the Scheeliwald to the Rotbach, which forms the border to the canton of Glarus. We hike uphill again to Erggeli and on a scenic route to Geissegg. At the bottom of the lake lies Teufwinkel, further ahead is the church of Mühlehorn, which was built in 1760 by the well-known master builder Johann Ulrich Grubenmann von Teufen. Our hike takes us over the Meerenbach to Walenguflen and Obstalden. At the top right, the village of Amden is widely scattered, above which rise Mattstock and Speer. Past the playground near Rüttegg we hike to Filzbach. We descend to the stream of the same name, then we go up again to the village. During excavations in 1959, the remains of the walls of a Roman lookout from the 1st century BC were found. Past the post office and the Lihn holiday home, we descend steeply to the Linth Canal, which we follow to the old railway bridge. Along the shore, past the campsite, the ship's belongings and the lido, we reach the Weesen train station. A detour to the town is worthwhile.


Normal hiking equipment. Depending on the weather, good footwear (hiking boots) is recommended, otherwise light trekking shoes are sufficient for the tour.


Unterterzen (425 m) - Quarten (548 m) - Valley (611 m) - Afadella - Tasten - Gödis - Guflen - Mulzen - Erggeli (630 m) - Haselboden (674 m) - Geissegg - Walenguflen (683 m) - Tüberen - Obstalden (685 m) - Rütegg - Filzbach (700 m) - Lihn (714 m) - Süstli - Schiffshab - Weesen (423 m)


Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel

By train to Untererzen. The tour starts directly at the train station.

Anreise Information

Motorway exit Flums, follow the main road towards Walenstadt/Unterterzen.


Public parking available at Unterterzen station (chargeable)

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