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Veia digl Pader 02: La baselgia viglia da Lantsch

Veglia Baselgia S. Maria in Lantsch/Lenz
La baselgia viglia da Lantsch
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La baselgia viglia da Lantsch

Baselgigna, semi d'art passo,

fegn cussign, sen fegn plimatsch puso,

sper ties meirs, schi grischs,

igls morts on pôss,

Dad en plant e cant digl gôt ninos.

L'Alvra bragia se digl letg profond:

ma la pizza, ota sur digl moon,

Canta, chinta d'en biia reveir!

An speranza egl en lev durmeir.

Scu chel monumaint è renuvo,

refluria, scu ruser digl pro,

Gist usche reveivas te en de:

Giovna speia, prui ties corp puspe.

Fr. Alexander Lozza

The old church of Lenz/Lantsch 

Old church, dream of bygone times,

fine gem resting there on green cushions!

On thy gray walls even the dead rest, lulled by the lamentation and the song of the larches.

Down from the deep riverbed the Alvra weeps,

but the mountains above field and pasture

announcing, shining, blessed reunion.

With hope, the sleep of death is so gentle.

How the little church was redesigned,

like the shrub that blooms again,

so you also come into being with your body

from the God's field, new and young.

 Duri Lozza (Translation) 

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La baselgia viglia da Lantsch


Veia digl Pader 02: La baselgia viglia da Lantsch

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