Ort Davos Klosters

Wiesner Alp viewpoint

Aussichtspunkt Wiesner Alp
Aussichtspunkt Wiesner Alp
There are 40 mountain pastures on the Wiesner Alp. The view of the Albula Valley and the opposite peaks Piz Ela, Tinzenhorn and Piz Mitgel compensates for the ascent to 1,940 m above sea level.


The Wiesner Alp is one of the most important alpine settlements in Graubünden. You can reach it on foot or by mountain bike from Davos-Wiesen as well as from Schmitten via the Schmittner Alp. 



Davos Wiesen, Church


Wiesner Alp viewpoint

Verein Parc Ela, Stradung 11 / Im Bahnhof, 7450 Tiefencastel

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