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Bernegg Castle Ruin

Burgruine Bernegg
Burg Bernegg im Sommer

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The castle ruin in Calfreisen is considered the landmark of the village. When visiting the medieval hilltop castle, you will embark on a journey through time and certainly discover a few hidden treasures.


The ruin of Bernegg Castle is first mentioned in 1231 and were the seat of the Lords of Calfreisen. A document from 1312 names the deceased R. quondam dictus de Kafrais (Calfreisen). The family belonged to the Schanfigger village nobility and was in the service of the barons of Vaz and the bishopric of Chur. In the 15th century, Calfreisen Castle came into the possession of the Graubünden noble family of von Sprecher, whose origins can be traced back to the Fondei. It was only at this time that the castle was given the name "Bernegg". The quarry stone masonry of the tower forms a rectangle of about 11 by 13 m in plan. Originally, the tower was about 15 m high and had 4 storeys.

Today, the ruin is considered a landmark of Calfreisen - a visit is worthwhile for young and old explorers. The small, tranquil village of Calfreisen also has a beautiful village centre. There are numerous old wooden houses that are built closely together and are carefully maintained and renovated.


The visit of the fortress is free


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From Chur, take the post bus (Chur-Peist line) to the bus stop "Calfreisen Dorf". The castle ruins are about a 5-minute walk from the bus stop.


From Chur, take the winding Arosastrasse road to Calfreisen.  Turn left before the bus stop "Calfreisen Abzweigung". The castle ruins are at the end of the road on the left.


There are no official parking spaces at the castle ruins. There are a few parking spaces in the village of Calfreisen.


Bernegg Castle Ruin

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