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Refugee Day

Action Call a spade a spade in cooperation with Amnesty International Group Chur. 24 hours of reading names and remembering the people who died or were killed on their way to Europe.


15.06.2024 bis 16.06.2024 um 11:00 Uhr
am Samstag, Sonntag
St. Martin's Church

The number of fatalities who try to reach Europe via dangerous escape routes is increasing every year and the number of unreported cases is high: Since 2019, the campaign "Call a spade a spade – over 51,000 victims of Fortress Europe" has been commemorating the people who died on their way to Europe and protesting against their deaths. On the weekend of International Refugee Day, we read their names and write them on white strips of fabric that we hang on the façade of St. Martin's Church. The commemorative event will be opened on Saturday, June 15 at 11:00 a.m. with a ringing of bells, with music on the hour. The event will conclude on Sunday, June 16, 2024 with an ecumenical service followed by an aperitif.

The project is growing from year to year and takes place throughout Switzerland in Basel, Bern, Chur, Geneva, Lausanne, Lucerne, Neuchâtel, St. Gallen, Thun and Zurich. German cities are also participating again: in Berlin, Braunschweig, Dortmund, Essen, Frankfurt and Kehl.

In all 16 cities, churches, civil organizations and committed groups have joined forces because they do not agree with European migration policy. The current policy claims too many lives and distributes the burden unsatisfactorily on the countries of arrival. Politics, churches, civil society, business, academia, art and international organisations are challenged to urgently present solutions. Together, we have clearly formulated our demands and appeal to European politicians to put an end to the untenable situation and to look for solutions.

A silent drama has been going on for years on the seas and at the borders of Europe and only occasionally makes it into the media. Since 1993, more than 51,000 children, women and men have died. Or do we have to ask the question of whether they were killed? Of an ever tougher policy of the countries of Europe, which prevents these people from legally entering Europe in order to apply for asylum here. They have to flee from life-threatening situations and put their lives on the line. They remain in undignified refugee camps without adequate care or the knowledge of if, when and how things will continue. We are appalled by this and demand safe escape routes! With various actions and a memorial, we commemorate the victims and publicly protest against the untenable situation.
Take part
In all 16 cities, the organisations are calling on the population to participate. If you want, you can read or write names, or take on a care shift at the Welcome Desk. More information about the campaign can be found on the joint platform www.beimnamennennen.ch/ .


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