Skitour zum Güner Lückli im Safiental

6.7 km
2:15 h
1197 Hm
1197 Hm
Traumhafte Skihänge in der ganzen Breite
Das Güner Lückli

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In Sichtweite: Die Güner Hütten

The Güner Lückli used to be an important pass crossing for the Walser in the Safiental. It was one of the few summer transitions to the outside world. Today, you can do the tour all year round and in your free time. Here we describe an easy and often used ski tour in the middle Safien Valley. Often, however, mass ski tourism does not mean mass ski tourism in the lonely Safien Valley.

Technik 3/6
Kondition 4/6
Höchster Punkt  2467 m
Tiefster Punkt  1269 m
Beste Jahreszeit
Safien Rheinmatta or last bend before Gün
Safien Rheinmatta or last bend before Gün
46.711659, 9.32834



With 1200 meters of elevation gain, it is already a "decent" ski tour. Often the tour is made from the hamlet of Gün. This tour, which is about 250 metres shorter, is easily doable for well-trained people. However, this is no longer possible with public transport. The road to Gün can be challenging in winter.

We start the tour from the valley road and have to track steeply high at the beginning. At the height of Hof Gün, the view of the mountains becomes more impressive with every step. At almost 2000 meters above sea level, the Güner huts are waiting for us. At this point, at the latest, it's time for a break on a warm hut wall. The route continues over the broad shoulder to a micro small hut. The snow is often blown away by the wind on our backs, but this does not prevent us from feeling down to the steep final slope. The summit slope with a steepness of around 33 degrees is often filled with wind slabs. In safe conditions, however, it is definitely worth it, because the reward comes in the form of an incredible panoramic view. The view down into the west side, which is not passable in winter, is also "not bad".

For the descent we specify a small variant, but it is freely selectable. The wide slopes allow for many variations with countless turns.


In mild conditions, it is essential to start early, as the final slope is often filled with wind slabs and becomes unsafe in warm conditions. An assessment of this individual slope is important either way.

The shoulder between the Güner huts and the summit slope is often blown off and therefore usually not suitable for the descent. The recommended slopes are much better. Before the forest above Gün (approx. 1900 m above sea level), you can also turn back into the ascent route.


Ski and snowshoe tours in unsecured terrain require good knowledge of avalanche danger assessment and tour planning. Furthermore, a complete safety upgrade must always be carried - regardless of the current avalanche danger.

We recommend the WhiteRisk app and website to prepare and plan the tour.

For carefree enjoyment, we recommend our mountain guides and snowshoe hiking guides of the Surselva.

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See safety instructions


Valley road Rheinmatta - Gün - Güner Hütta - Güner Alp - Güner Lückli - descent on a similar or same route.


Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel

From Versam/Safien by post bus to Safien, Rainmatte

Anreise Information

From Versam via the valley road to Rainmatte and shortly afterwards follow the signpost Gün.


At the last bend before Hof Gün there are a limited number of parking spaces. Please do not drive up to the farm. There are no more parking facilities there.

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