Runda Curnera

50.7 km
3:05 h
1208 Hm
1209 Hm
Runda Curnera
Runda Curnera (Rennrad)

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Runda Curnera
The Oberalp Pass: a Graubünden classic like Capuns and Salsiz. The hairpins before the top of the pass are made for racing bike dreams, the climb to Lai da Curnera is a secret tip. Concentration is required on the rapid descent to Disentis.
Technik /6
Kondition 3/6
Höchster Punkt  2044 m
Tiefster Punkt  1140 m
Beste Jahreszeit
46.703804, 8.851911



The tour starts in Disentis (1,129 MASL), whose image is dominated by the imposing Benedictine abbey. From here, you tackle the east slope of the Oberalp Pass, a real classic of the Swiss alpine passes. The climb starts gently, allowing your legs to warm up. The first of the steep slopes, characteristic of the Alps, does not come until after Sedrun (1406 MASL). Now the road snakes into the valley, the Vorderrhein always on your left. After passing the picturesque pass village of Tschamut (1,643MASL), top class hairpins await. The turns eat up the last few metres of height gain to the Oberalp Pass summit (2,046 MASL) without trouble. The only lighthouse in the Alps sits atop the Pass, marking the source of the Rhine here as a homage to the estuary of the Rhine in Rotterdam.

The hairpins just climbed are even more fun on the way down, although you should not pass up the chance to stop for a while and take in the panorama. In one bend, you turn left into a small road (1,830 MASL). Mot far after that, you pass a barrier which is no obstacle to rides of racing bikes but keeps unwanted motor traffic away. The climb that now follows to the Lai da Curnera is a secret tip. It is short but one to enjoy. The dam wall at the Lai da Curnera (1,958 MASL) invites you to stop a while and the 3000m peaks around you let you immerse yourself completely and totally into the high Alpine ambience. The descent back to Disentis is fast and demands high concentration. But beware: if there is a wind against you, even going downhill can make you sweat a little.

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